Thursday, July 24, 2014

Setting Up My Classroom

Last year my classroom setup was not ideal.  I didn't fully understand what my job would consist of until I was actually doing it, which left me ill-prepared to set up a classroom beforehand. I spent a lot of time redoing and undoing parts of my classroom as my teaching style began to evolve.  Yesterday I got into my classroom for the first time after summer school ended.  It was a bit overwhelming to see the stacks of boxes and furniture, as well as a lot of stuff that's not mine (my room unfortunately became a bit of a catch-all for other teachers since I have fewer students at a time).  I started by pushing all the stuff that's not mine to the door so I could see what I was working with.  I have big ambitions for my classroom library, so I started there.  It's no where near finished, but it's such a relief to see books in categories and in MATCHING BINS.  For some reason mismatched containers really sent me over the edge last year.  Now I have a rule: when buying a container buy at least 6 and all in the same color.  So far my library containers are the IKEA GLES bins and the Sterilite Ultra Baskets.  I am way too excited to purchase and print these labels for my bins and books.

I also got to unroll my new rug (also an IKEA purchase... when are they going to start a full blown classroom collection??) that I bought a few weeks ago.  It's the inspiration for my color scheme.  I don't love red as a classroom color, but due to the red checkered floors and a red group work table, I didn't really have a choice. The rug has just a hint of red (lower right hand corner of the photo) as well as a lot of other bright colors without being too juvenile. 

I also was able to start papering most of my bulletin boards.  This year I bought a huge roll of turquoise fade-proof paper.  My plan is to do all of the bulletin boards with this paper and (fingers crossed) leave it up all year.  

I'll be going back next week for round two!

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