My Classroom Clocks

I'd seen this idea all over Pinterest, and I'd been on the lookout for foam or paper clocks ever sense.  And then behold, I found some last month at the Target Dollar Spot for, what else, a dollar each! I couldn't do every part of my students' schedules since I work with five different grades, but I got the basics.  It's actually useful for me too since last year I would sometimes forget to send my kids to lunch! 

If you want to make similar signage, I just typed these up in Word using the KG Skinny Latte font. Then I put them on bright backgrounds and ran them through the laminator. For the final step I had to teeter on top of a desk and try to use a staple gun with one hand while the other held the clock or sign! My classroom walls are glazed brick (tile?) for 5 or 6 feet from the floor, and then turn into this weird, burlap-ish material that NOTHING will stick to or into (I have tried: masking tape, packing tape, a regular bulletin board stapler, sticky tac, tacks, and sticky velcro).  Hence the staple gun. 

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