PD Week & Prepping My Classroom

We just wrapped up Professional Development week at my school and I'm getting so excited for the kids to arrive on Monday! We have a ton of new staff this year, so it was a fun week getting to know everyone.  My room is *almost* ready, but I'm definitely going back on Sunday to put on the finishing touches. 

Check out my library!!! I am a woman obsessed.  I seriously get a little thrill every time I look over there.  I used Ladybug's Teacher Files' Library Labels as a base and then went in and edited the blank ones to make labels specific to my library.  

I also made this little flashcard station on the side of a filing cabinet.  Nothing too fancy, but I like making good use of space.

After I saw this blog post I hunted down a similar toolbox and made my own labels using the editable file included in the post.  My supplies are always getting mixed up with the students' and then I never have any at my desk.  I'm hoping this will solve the problem! 

I've got a bunch of other little projects I worked on this week that I'll be posting about when they're finished! 

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