I spent the last three days at a "STEM Camp" organized by my charter school network.  I semi-reluctantly signed up for it in June, and I have to admit I was kind of dreading spending my last three days of vacation learning about technology.  Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly since I spend like 75% of my free time working on school stuff anyway, it was a blast! I got to meet a ton of teachers from our network that I didn't know and definitely felt like I had some "camp friends" by the end.  I also learned SO MUCH about integrating technology in the classroom.  The camp was structured so that we had a lot of time to explore and create our own projects.  I'm most excited about the "action research" I'll be conducting this school year.  As part of my vision for this year, I wanted students to develop and track their own goals.  Check out my project proposal below:

I made this video using an app called Explain Everything-- if you're familiar with Khan Academy, it lets you create videos similar to those.  I'll be talking more about that specific resource in another post.

(edit: sadly it appears that the original quality didn't hold up after being exported and then uploaded through blogger.  It's clearer if you keep it in the small view rather than making it full screen!)

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