Sight Word High Five Hands

My kids LOVE giving these sight word hands a high five on their way out the door.  The ones on this side of the door are for my littlest students (kinders and firsties), but frankly it's not hurting my 2nd and 3rd graders to review them either.  On the other side I have slightly higher level words (still pre-primer and primer Dolch words though, alas) for my other boys. I love that my kinders insist on trying those words and high fiving them too! An added benefit of having these by the door is that they slow my very active boys down before they leave, giving me time to make sure they've tucked in their shirts, are calm, etc., before returning to their general education classes. And, of course, credit where credit is due- I got the idea via pinterest from this blog post. I originally just used paper and a paper clipped word as per my inspiration-- ha! It only took my little guys a few rounds to knock off the words and destroy all the fingers.  Now my hands are laminated and the words are firmly taped on. Let me know if you try this idea-- I wonder if older students would like it too!

Recommended Reading

The Vox article "Teach for America has faced criticism for years.  Now it's listening-- and changing." is one of the few pieces I've come across that portrays TFA as I know it.  It neither glorifies nor vilifies the organization.  Many of the potential pilots and changes discussed are ones I've been hoping for since I started the program, like more training and a longer teaching commitment. I'm excited to see these changes start taking effect!

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