Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October is about...

...pumpkins EVERYWHERE! I love fall and my students do too! I found that huge pumpkin at the bottom of the "fantasy pumpkin" bin at Trader Joe's.  I hauled it to school (ok, I needed some help getting it from my car to my classroom) and the kids have been enjoying it ever since.  They sit on it, they stand on it, they attempt to roll it around... you know.

...Hispanic Heritage Month.  Over half of my students are Latino, and I want to make sure they know that their rich heritage is appreciated and celebrated at school.  I used my hallway bulletin board as a tribute to a few of the many celebrated achievers with Hispanic backgrounds.  I'm also doing several related read-alouds this month, like the ones above. Biographies are the perfect chance to use our thinking maps! 

...prepositions! I'll be honest... I never once taught prepositions last year.  I figured we'd get to parts of speech after we mastered basic decoding.  Turns out a few of my kids don't know the difference between many prepositions (under, in front or, behind, beside, etc.) which is inhibiting their understanding of texts and even instructions! Enter these AMAZING interactive preposition books by Teaching Special Thinkers. I think I like them even more than my students do, but they like them alright too :) 

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