Recommended Listening: Is This Working?

I first heard episode 538 of This American Life: Is This Working? in the car last Friday night. I started halfway through, and my google maps directions kept cutting the audio off, but I could tell that the episode was talking about one of the subjects I'm most passionate about: discipline in schools. I listened to the whole thing on a run a couple days later, and I highly recommend it.

It compares a "zero excuses" charter school with harsh punishments to a community school with a restorative justice policy.  Thankfully I don't work at one of the many zero excuses-style charter schools in Chicago, but many of my friends do. For more on my views on school discipline, see my post on Alfie Kohn's Beyond Discipline here

Stream Is This Working? here, or you can find it in iTunes by searching for the This American Life podcast.

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