Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Product: Adapted Books for Consonant Blends

I didn't discover Adapted Books until this year, and they have been such a great addition to my classroom.  My students love them, and they're a really great way to introduce and review concepts.  I've loved using Teaching Special Thinkers' Preposition Adapted Books and Alphabet Adapted Book. I'm just starting blends with a few of my students, so I decided to make my own adapted books for s-blends and l-blends.  

If you've never used an adapted book before, they are basically interactive books.  The ones I've seen and created are ones that include an extra page or pages of velcro add-on's. They can either just be images or words that students match to the page, or they can be more challenging.  In my blends books, students find the images that begin with each blend and stick them to that page.   

You can find the s-blends book here, and the l-blends book here.  

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