Saturday, December 20, 2014

December is about...

Snowflakes! I helped organize our winter assembly and I had each homeroom put together a snowflake garland.  I had a fun few days in which 15 snowflake garlands were EVERYWHERE in my classroom.

Hour of Code.  Did your school participate in Hour of Code? My school did on a very limited basis, but my kinders had a lot of fun trying it out! Above, they're watching President Obama talk about the importance of computer programming

Picture Schedules.  While most of my kids are eager to come to my room for their services, I find that for some of them the lack of structure results in an increase in "behaviors."  I've been trying picture schedules for just about every class or program that I run! It's a really useful way to redirect students without having to say "because I told you so," or "because we have to get through this."  Sometimes I find myself saying really absurd things like, "Does the schedule show us spinning around on the floor?" I use Lesson Pix to generate pictures and images and then hand draw a flow map, which is part of the Thinking Maps my school uses. 

And now of course December is all about Winter Break! I am so excited to go home and spend some time with my huge family! 

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