Using a Data Wall to Increase Accountability and Track Student Progress

One of my goals for this year was to increase students' investment in their own learning by tracking their progress.  Each of my student groups have a Friday meeting where they enter in how many sight words they mastered that week, their accuracy, their fluency, and whether or not they met their suggested minutes for Lexia (our online reading program) on a google form.  They enjoy this and take an interest in it, but I wanted a concrete visual in the classroom that they could refer to.  My data wall is by no means streamlined, but it's served its purpose.  The main points represented are Dolch words level, accuracy, fluency, nonsense word fluency (NWF), and Lexia level.  Because my students are all at different levels and in different grades, each bar starts at a different point.  For example, one student's accuracy bar might begin at 88%, because he started at 86%.  Another's might start at 60% because he was working at 55% before.  The same goes for Dolch words... for students that already mastered their pre-primer and primer words, they started at the first grade level.  By doing this, the emphasis has been on student growth rather than competition between the students.  You can see how students' charts vary by looking at the two images below. These students are in the same grade, but their starting points were very different.

It's also been really helpful for me as a teacher to be able to glance at the student charts and notice where students aren't making growth.  It also makes goal-setting conversations much more natural.  I can say to a student, "...your accuracy has really gone up, but your fluency has stayed about the same... do you think that could be because you haven't mastered your first grade level sight words yet? If you know your sight words really well, you'll be able to read more quickly because you won't have to stop and think about every word." 

Last year, my students HATED doing DIBELS, which is the accuracy/fluency tracking program we use.  This year, my students are always asking to do it.  Before they start, I show them on my iPad what their accuracy and fluency was for the last week. If they beat their previous high score for either accuracy or fluency, they get to take a highlighter and fill in the appropriate bar on their charts.  Then I fill out a certificate for them, and, I'm embarrassed to admit, they pick out a prize. 

I would love to make our data wall a little nicer looking and more streamlined, but for the time being it's working just fine!

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  1. This is great!!! I have been doing something similar with my students tracking their IEP goals just in their binders, but I'm not sure if they really "get" it yet, but at least they are enjoying coloring it in! We'll get there!

    Brie - Breezy Special Ed


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