January Links

I'm going to start posting a collection of links I'm loving that don't necessarily merit their own post once a month.  Here's January's:

Sarcasm creates such a stressful environment for students, and in my experience, particularly our diverse learners.  I loved One Lesson at a Time's post 10 Rhetorical Questions Teachers Shouldn't Ask & 10 More Effective Alternatives. Besides it being demeaning, I loved that she stressed that it's not effective, because it really isn't.

The Washington Post article, Report: Requiring kindergartners to read-- as Common Core does-- may harm some, rang true for me.  

A friend shared this Chicago Tribune article, Chicago Public Schools defies mandate on new standardized exam, PARCC, on Facebook.  I work at a charter, so I'm not sure what my school will do.  It would be a huge relief not to have to torture my students with yet another standardized test.  Last year ISAT (the test which PARCC is replacing) was so incredibly miserable.  

I didn't completely agree with Are You A Truly Bad Teacher?, but I did appreciate this part:
"But I also think this preoccupation with bad teachers in the absence of the more urgent strategy for attracting and retaining good teachers is deeply unfair to students and in fact, unequally distributed, because it falls much harder on teachers in low-income communities who teach in far more challenging conditions and therefore are much less likely to see visible signs of success on a predictable basis."
 Did you read any of these same articles or posts? What have you been reading this month?

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