Must Have Monday

Today I'm linking up with Freebielicious to share some of my teaching "must-haves."

1. Binder rings are SO crucial for not feeling like you're drowning in tiny pieces of paper. Everything that can have a hole punched in it goes on a binder ring in my classroom.  I find them the most useful for student sight word rings, but I use them for all my flashcards as well.  I also use them to bind adapted books.

2. I don't think I could go back to teaching without LessonPix or something similar! I seriously use it every day.  The visuals are great for everything from sequencing a story to labeling containers.  I especially love that virtually every image of a person comes in multiple skin tones! 

3. I actually wear a half-apron every day to teach! At the beginning of the school year I felt a little self-conscious about it, but it quickly became a "must-have" for me.  Many of my work pants and skirts are black, so the apron actually isn't very noticeable... except that I'm constantly using it! I always keep a pen, a chart paper marker, a highlighter, an eraser, stickers, and my phone in there... and usually a bunch of other random stuff besides! It's particularly great when you're working as an inclusion teacher, because you can modify assignments on the fly, even if you don't have access to your teacher desk.  

What are your "must-haves?" You can link up and check out the other posts here!

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