Personal Summer Projects

While I have three major, not-so-fun projects (moving, new job, wedding), I also have three fun, personal projects I'm working on! It helps me to think of them as "projects" so that I don't feel guilty doing them, as I would in the school year.  So here they are:

1. I'm knitting a sweater! I love to knit, but I normally only tackle small projects during the school year (hats, scarves, etc.).  I'm about halfway done the 'Glam Lamb' sweater!

2. I've been working on a scrapbook of the last 3-4 years since winter, but now I'm really focusing on finishing in time to have it out at the wedding (since it focuses on Rob's and my relationship).

3. Finally, I'm rereading A Song of Fire and Ice! I read all five a few summers ago, and I've been wanting to reread since watching the show.  It feels a bit self-indulgent, but hey-- summer!

Do you have any personal projects or hobbies you're indulging in this summer? 

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