Wonderful Idea Wednesday

I have seriously lost track of whether this was my original idea or not, but my "wonderful idea" for the Freebielicious linky is having students record their sight words using an iPad or other technology.  My students work at the sight word station independently and choose what method to use (dry erase markers, chalkboard, magnetic letters, etc.).  Then, they take a video of their sight words that they created (not themselves) and read aloud the words. You can also have students spell out the words, such as "s-a-i-d, said."  

The videos are rarely perfect (notice that he skips a few words above), but it allows students to get some extra practice actually reading the words before I check them for the day.  It also motivates them to work efficiently.  Before I started having them create the videos, they would often only get through a few of their words (they each have ten) because they were playing with the supplies or getting distracted.  Now, they stay on task because they want to use the iPad! 

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  1. What grade is that? My son has known is sight words since he was 2 years old. I know that he is advanced, but it's interesting to know how far ahead he is.

    1. Hi John, that particular student is in third grade. However, I teach diverse learners so there is a wide range of their sight word knowledge. In our district, the standard is that typically developing students know all their pre-primer and primer words by the end of kindergarten, and all 220 Dolch words by the end of first grade.


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