Monday, August 24, 2015

New Product: Wilson Reading Alphabet Cards!

I am SO excited to have listed these Wilson Reading Alphabet Cards! I love Wilson Reading System, but not having a classroom alphabet that matches the keywords drives me crazy (and more importantly, is confusing for the kids!). I always paste in pictures of the keywords in the student notebooks, and in the past I've used a hodgepodge of clip art and my own drawings.  Some of the keywords are really hard to find as decent clip art, but I've finally tracked all of them down or made my own.  Check out the images for E, I, L, N, and T-- I made them myself in Keynote (the mac version of powerpoint). The image for "itch" was the hardest, but I'm most proud of the spinning top. 

I really hope other teachers find this as useful as I know I'm going to! You can find it here.

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