10 Affirmations for Teachers

My latest blog post for TeacherPop is a list of 10 Affirmations for Teachers! I'm really excited to share this one because I think affirmations can be really powerful.  I've been listening to them on my way to school since last school year.  I have a few favorites that I genuinely think to myself during the school day.  It's a bit cheesy, but sometimes you really need to calm yourself down! Last year, I found myself feeling angry and frustrated that I was unable to provide all the services my students needed (due to unfilled special education positions at my former school).  I found that the affirmation, "I am a person of high integrity and sincere purpose," would remind me that I was doing my best.  This year, I find myself saying, "I am patient and calm, and greet the day with ease," under my breath.  I'm definitely feeling a bit frazzled as I adjust to a new school and a new caseload of students.  Anyway, you can check out my full list on the TeacherPop blog here! Do you have any affirmations or sayings you use to stay positive and calm? 

What's In My Teaching Bag?

I'm linking up with The Owl Teacher today to share what's in my teacher bag(s)! I really did pour out my bags after getting home on Friday to take this picture! I just kept some of the less photogenic stuff insides the bags, ha.

1. Teacher Bag #1. My mom gave me a herschel bag as a gift for my last birthday and I love it! Looks like they don't have this pattern any more, but this one's the same color!
2. Teacher Bag #2. Sadly one bag isn't cutting it these days! This one is from Everlane and is a bit roomier, but not as sturdy.
3. Books. I'm always ferrying tons of library books back and forth!
4. Water bottle.  I know it's not enough, but I try to get at least 24 oz. a day.
5. Lunch box. I somehow haven't had a lunch box for the past 2 years! I just got this one and it's making packing ahead a lot easier.
6. Planning books.  Right now I'm trying to learn about and implement The Writing Road to Reading! Anyone else used this?
7. My planner. I use the Get To Work Book.
8. My "everything" binder.  I use some of the forms from Teaching Special Thinker's Special Educator's Everything Binder.

What are your teacher bag essentials? 

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