What's In My Teaching Bag?

I'm linking up with The Owl Teacher today to share what's in my teacher bag(s)! I really did pour out my bags after getting home on Friday to take this picture! I just kept some of the less photogenic stuff insides the bags, ha.

1. Teacher Bag #1. My mom gave me a herschel bag as a gift for my last birthday and I love it! Looks like they don't have this pattern any more, but this one's the same color!
2. Teacher Bag #2. Sadly one bag isn't cutting it these days! This one is from Everlane and is a bit roomier, but not as sturdy.
3. Books. I'm always ferrying tons of library books back and forth!
4. Water bottle.  I know it's not enough, but I try to get at least 24 oz. a day.
5. Lunch box. I somehow haven't had a lunch box for the past 2 years! I just got this one and it's making packing ahead a lot easier.
6. Planning books.  Right now I'm trying to learn about and implement The Writing Road to Reading! Anyone else used this?
7. My planner. I use the Get To Work Book.
8. My "everything" binder.  I use some of the forms from Teaching Special Thinker's Special Educator's Everything Binder.

What are your teacher bag essentials? 

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  1. I completely understanding the need for two bags these days! Just don't over do it! You need your weekends to freshen up! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love that book! I am always borrowing books for my classroom, too. For myself, I check out ebooks on my kindle- I love it!

    I'm a new follower- I found you through the link up!

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  3. I feel like a bag lady whenever I leave school! I completely understand needing more than one bag. Thanks for sharing!
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