5 Soups to Make on Sunday and Eat All Week

This school year I've started making a huge pot of soup or prepping salad ingredients on Sunday to make lunches for the whole week for my husband and I. I'm not a great cook, but I'm very good at following directions! These are the soups I regularly rotate through:

This one is SO simple to make and perfect for beginning soup makers!

I don't like dealing with raw meat, so I was delighted that the only time you have to touch the raw chicken is when you drop it into the boiling soup! And let's be honest, I don't touch it then either... definitely slipping it right out of the package. 

There are a lot of versions of minestrone out there, but this is a great one that you can adapt to whatever you have in the fridge!

Can you tell we like lentils? But this one's got a very different flavor from the chicken lentil soup... I think it's the bacon. I use about half a package of bacon in the soup and then use the rest for BLTs!

5. Maryland Crab Soup
This last one is my mom's recipe, and it's so easy and good! Just chop up an onion and celery and sautee it for five minutes and then add V8 (secret ingredient alert!), chicken or beef stock, a mix of frozen veggies (lima beans, corn, green beans, etc.), bay leaves, and Old Bay (secret ingredient alert #2), and cook for 30 minutes. Add your crab meat and cook for another 10 minutes and you're done!

You can find 5 more healthy lunch recipes here

Organizing Reading A-Z Running Records

Having access to Reading A-Z makes taking running records so much easier, but it can still be tricky to keep all the copies organized. I keep my running record materials in two huge binders, A-G and H-O. I print the assessment passage in color, and print the quick check answers on the back, since I will only need one copy of each of those items. Then, I place that two-sided sheet in a page protector, which also serves as a divider within the binder.

Then, I print the running record itself in black and white, and print the quick check questions on the back. This is the only sheet I make copies of. I make 10 copies at a time for each passage (so the binders doesn't get too stuffed!) and place them behind the page protector with the assessment passage.

Want to celebrate students after they've demonstrated mastery of a new level with your beautifully organized running records? Check out my Reading Levels A-Z Brag Tags!
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