The Big Poem Post: Part II

I tried to take a picture of my poem each week to share with you all and to help myself out next year! Unfortunately the quality of some of the photos is not the best, but they're what I've got! You can find my poems from fall and winter here. Here are my poems from March-June 2016:

I love reading authentic texts with my students, so I loved sharing Still I Rise by Maya Angelou with them. I was really impressed with their take on it, and there was something very powerful about hearing them read it.

Inspired by A Very Potter Musical, and I made up the last few lines. We read this the week we finally finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

John Ciardi

I made this one up to go with our mini desert unit from Rooted in Reading May.

I tried to attribute where I found the poems, and most of the visuals I used are from LessonPix. Do you do a weekly poem in your classroom?

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