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I'm so excited to introduce the first three units of my own phonics curriculum! I wanted to create a product that included everything you need for structured, multi-sensory phonics instruction. While there are a lot of phonics resources on TpT, I never found anything that truly suited all my students' needs. All of my units and mini-units feature crisp, recognizable images and clear, readable fonts. One of my biggest struggles as a diverse learners teacher is finding word work and fluency sentences that were actually appropriate for the skill being taught. For example, a student just learning the sh digraph isn't going to be able to read the word shark! The independent student work in my units only includes easily decodable words and beginner sight words. This curriculum could be used whole group for your phonic instruction, and would also work well for special education and intervention groups. To celebrate completing my first three units, I'm giving away a set for free! Enter above for a chance to win all three units-- CVC words, consonant digraphs, and consonant blends. That's 330 pages, 55 days of instruction, and a $22 value! You can check out the units below:

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