Teachers Believe Black Lives Matter

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I support the #blacklivesmatter movement. I've always been involved in social justice causes, but I was surprised to find that I particularly identify with this one as a teacher. I've seen so many articles and comments about "slacktivism" and about how viral sharing and "awareness" campaigns don't do anything, and just exist to make the participants feel good. I think this is different. Because as a teacher, what we believe DOES matter. Because what we believe transmits to our students, and it is so so important for them to believe black lives matter, whether they are students of color themselves or not. When I attended a sit-in and march on Monday, I made my protest sign with that in mind.

I had a couple people on Instagram suggest that I make a T-shirt, and I loved the idea! After several hours trying to get that dang fist right in Keynote, I had it! I launched a T-shirt campaign with the goal of selling 20 T-shirts, with all proceeds going to Black Lives Matter (EDIT: please note that the current campaign proceeds now go to the ACLU due to the platform I'm using not offering direct donations to BLM). I'm so excited that after 12 hours, 9 have already sold! By ordering and wearing your shirt, you're showing your support both visually and financially. You can order your shirt here.


  1. I would love one of these shirts but it says your campaign has closed. Is there any way you could sell them again, even on a different website? I want my students to know I care about them deeply and will fight for social change.

    1. Yes! I've done so many campaigns at this point, it's hard to keep all the links updated! The shirts are available here in a few different styles: https://teespring.com/teachersbelieveBLM


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