Just for Fun Back-to-School Supplies for Teachers

If you're anything like me, all these back-to-school displays make you simultaneously excited and nervous! Gluesticks and crayons are all well and good, but don't forget to treat yourself to a little something for your own desk!
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1. Pencil Pouch
2. Gold & Acrylic Stapler
3. Acrylic Pencil Cup
4. Poppin Pens
5. Sticky Notes
6. Rainbow Washi Tape

What are your favorite fun supplies to keep at your teacher desk?

6 Non-Traditional Classroom Rugs Under $75

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With more and more classrooms converting to cute color schemes and fun themes (thanks, Pinterest!), your old alphabet or map rug might be starting to look a bit out of place. I have a shared classroom, and I'm hoping my classroommate won't mind if I switch out our very primary-colored rug for something without toy trucks on it (I don't actually remember if it has toy trucks... but it's that kind of thing). I was cruising the good old internet for some suitable alternatives and thought I'd share the results with you all!

Love this black and white herringbone rug from Amazon!

Check out this fun hexagon rug from IKEA! Too small for a read-aloud rug, but perfect for a classroom library, and only $49.99!

These beautiful carpet circles are out of stock from Amazon at the moment, but wishlist them for future use because they are BEAUTIFUL! I love the idea of attaching mini-rugs to the floor in a pattern to use instead of one big rug.

This one ($52 from Amazon) would be perfect for a beach-themed classroom! 

This would be a good choice if you still want the option of assigning kids spots, but not the big old alphabet squares.  You can get this one for $54 from Amazon.

Last but not least, check out this beauty ($69 from Amazon)! My colors are mint & teal, so this would be perfect! I love the hand-drawn quality of the lines. Fingers crossed that you'll be seeing this one in classroom photos soon!

What kind of rug do you have? Which of these would you choose? Let me know in the comments!

My First Stitch Fix

Yesterday I got my very first Stitch Fix! Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends you out 5 pieces as frequently or as infrequently as you want. The pieces are based on a style profile you create, as well as any specific requests you make to your stylist. You choose which pieces you want, and send back any that you don't. There's a $20 stylist fee, but the fee is subtracted from whatever you buy. So as long as you buy at least one item from your Fix, the stylist fee is negated! I thought I'd try it out because I could use some new teaching clothes for fall, and I kind of hate leaving the house. I asked specifically for work clothes, and gave a few specifications about cut and length. Here's what I got:

1. Pink Skinny Jeans
The pants were a good fit and style, and I actually think I could have gotten away with wearing them to work. I just don't like magenta for clothing, and $98 is a bit steep for pants!

2. Gray Hi-Lo Top
I loved this top! Actually comfier than a regular T-shirt, and I think I could wear it to work with the right bottoms.

3. Flowery Toms
I'm not that into Toms to start with, but I was definitely not into the laser-cut flowery pattern on this pair. Going back!

4. Polka-Dot Pencil Skirt
I love pencil skirts and wanted to like this one! It just didn't fit me quite right, and I didn't like the white stripe going across the top.

5. Striped Dress
This piece was by far my favorite! It fits nicely without being too snug, and it's long enough for sitting on the floor with the kids. 

I decided to keep just the gray top and the striped dress. I love that you're not obligated to keep any of the pieces you don't like. When you check out on the website for the pieces you want to keep, you can also give feedback for your stylist. I imagine the Fixes just keep getting more and more attuned to your style as time goes on.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? If you're interested, I would love if you used my referral link

Get Your Teachers Believe Black Lives Matter T-Shirt!

Click here for the latest campaign.

A couple weeks ago I launched my first Teachers Believe Black Lives Matter T-shirt campaign. 26 teachers (or friends of teachers) bought shirts and we raised $170 for #blacklivesmatter! The tees have been arriving to their various destinations over the last few days, and they look GREAT! I launched a second campaign for those who missed out on the first one, which you can find here.

Here's how the tees look IRL:

Potato the Puggle's like, "Why are you making me do this?!" That's a ladies small I'm wearing in the picture, and I'm normally between a small and an extra small, if you're wondering about fit! 

Oh and here's the donation from the last campaign, just so you know I'm legit :)


Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and don't forget to order your tee before the campaign ends next week! 

Do you use HP Instant Ink?

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I don't know about you, but I do A LOT of printing at home. My school doesn't have a color printer (or not one that I have access to...) so I print most of my TpT materials at home (I got my printer from Amazon, similar to this one). When I bought my printer about a year ago, I went through four ink cartridges in a month or two, which is like $60, not to mention several late-night trips to the store! After that, I signed up for HP Instant Ink. It's basically a subscription service for ink. You pay monthly for a set number of pages, and they automatically send you ink when you're running low. I was paying 4.99 for 100 pages, but I actually just switched my plan to 9.99 for 300 pages. It's not a big deal if you go over your amount, you just save more if you sign up for the bigger plan. It's kind of weird to get used to at first, because it actually costs the same to print a b&w page and a full color page! But I love it because I can print full-color posters or interactive books with no guilt! But I also print stuff that would just be too stressful to print at school, like IEP report cards. It's like, I couuuuld wait in line for the one functioning computer linked to the printer, hassle the office workers for paper, probably have to fix the printer, and print the pages I need OR I could print the 40 pages at home for about $1.20 while lying on the couch. Guess which one I normally choose? Anyway, I often see teachers on social media talking about rationing ink, so I thought I'd share my HP Instant Ink referral! If you sign up through my link, you (and me!) get a free month! Honestly, more than the money, it's just removed the stress of ever running out of ink or having to price compare Target vs. Amazon vs. Staples! Now I just need "instant laminating sheets" hmm... 

Do you use HP Instant Ink? If not, what's your strategy?
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