6 Non-Traditional Classroom Rugs Under $75

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With more and more classrooms converting to cute color schemes and fun themes (thanks, Pinterest!), your old alphabet or map rug might be starting to look a bit out of place. I have a shared classroom, and I'm hoping my classroommate won't mind if I switch out our very primary-colored rug for something without toy trucks on it (I don't actually remember if it has toy trucks... but it's that kind of thing). I was cruising the good old internet for some suitable alternatives and thought I'd share the results with you all!

Love this black and white herringbone rug from Amazon!

Check out this fun hexagon rug from IKEA! Too small for a read-aloud rug, but perfect for a classroom library, and only $49.99!

These beautiful carpet circles are out of stock from Amazon at the moment, but wishlist them for future use because they are BEAUTIFUL! I love the idea of attaching mini-rugs to the floor in a pattern to use instead of one big rug.

This one ($52 from Amazon) would be perfect for a beach-themed classroom! 

This would be a good choice if you still want the option of assigning kids spots, but not the big old alphabet squares.  You can get this one for $54 from Amazon.

Last but not least, check out this beauty ($69 from Amazon)! My colors are mint & teal, so this would be perfect! I love the hand-drawn quality of the lines. Fingers crossed that you'll be seeing this one in classroom photos soon!

What kind of rug do you have? Which of these would you choose? Let me know in the comments!

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