Do you use HP Instant Ink?

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I don't know about you, but I do A LOT of printing at home. My school doesn't have a color printer (or not one that I have access to...) so I print most of my TpT materials at home (I got my printer from Amazon, similar to this one). When I bought my printer about a year ago, I went through four ink cartridges in a month or two, which is like $60, not to mention several late-night trips to the store! After that, I signed up for HP Instant Ink. It's basically a subscription service for ink. You pay monthly for a set number of pages, and they automatically send you ink when you're running low. I was paying 4.99 for 100 pages, but I actually just switched my plan to 9.99 for 300 pages. It's not a big deal if you go over your amount, you just save more if you sign up for the bigger plan. It's kind of weird to get used to at first, because it actually costs the same to print a b&w page and a full color page! But I love it because I can print full-color posters or interactive books with no guilt! But I also print stuff that would just be too stressful to print at school, like IEP report cards. It's like, I couuuuld wait in line for the one functioning computer linked to the printer, hassle the office workers for paper, probably have to fix the printer, and print the pages I need OR I could print the 40 pages at home for about $1.20 while lying on the couch. Guess which one I normally choose? Anyway, I often see teachers on social media talking about rationing ink, so I thought I'd share my HP Instant Ink referral! If you sign up through my link, you (and me!) get a free month! Honestly, more than the money, it's just removed the stress of ever running out of ink or having to price compare Target vs. Amazon vs. Staples! Now I just need "instant laminating sheets" hmm... 

Do you use HP Instant Ink? If not, what's your strategy?


  1. Hey Sarah!
    I wanted to start this in the next few weeks! I need to figure out which printer works best and if I should keep the printer at home or at school. Which printer do you have? I will for sure use your referral code once I decide on a printer :)

    1. Hey!! I have a HP Envy 4500. I don't have any strong feelings about it, I think it was probably just the cheapest one with decent ratings on Amazon, ha. I keep mine at home because I normally just really want to leave at the end of the day, ha. Thanks!

    2. Okay cool! I might get that one since it's the best seller on Amazon. I'm looking at the links you sent and I'm assuming your referral code is already inputed after I sign up right?

    3. Yeah... I think haha. I checked again and it just says it'll work as long as you use that link, which is what I linked to in my post.

  2. 6freeink will get you 6 months free when you first sign up and you can use a referral code as well. Also, there is a "secret" 500 page plan for $15/mo. You just need to chat or call them and explain you're a teacher and do a lot of printing, you can even use these as your free months!


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