7 Politically Active Educators to Follow on Instagram

Images from accounts below, clockwise from top left.

One silver lining to this nightmare of an administration has been seeing so many teachers become more politically active. I posted about 7 socially conscious teacher-instagrammers a few months ago, and now I'm back with 7 politically active educators! 

1. thewholewheatclass
"Sharpen your pencils and gather your books-- you've messed with the wrong professionals." Elsa sure knows how to write a call to action! Follow for political quotes & memes in addition to adorable classroom pics. 

2. _missbehavior
 Allie's a special education teacher who's not taking this administration's actions lying down. She's out there marching, calling senators, and volunteering with refugees!

3. sarahplumitallo
You've definitely seen at least one of Sarah's hilarious images about Betsy DeVos-- her brown bear, brown bear meme was everywhere! She regularly posts about social justice & political issues, particularly those relating to education.

4. unapologetic_educator
"Dedicated to all the SJW's out there in schools..." Can't go wrong with that bio! Follow for tons of social justice-oriented education images and quotes. 

5. notjaneedu
Daliene is just the kind of teacher you'd want down the hall-- optimistic, energetic, and not afraid to speak up!

6. cultofpedagogy
Jennifer is a solid must-follow for both her teaching ideas and political ideals!

7. amy.harris
Amy's feed is full of beautiful hand lettering that's always inspirational and timely.

Which other teachers do you follow for political posts?

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  1. Love these bloggers! :) Thank you for a one stop shop so that others can connect with them! :)


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