40 Acts of Self Care for Teachers

As teachers, we spend all day nurturing and taking care of our students, but sometimes we neglect ourselves! Here are 40 ways to practice self-care, starting with the least time-consuming and least expensive ideas. 

1. Take deep breaths.
2. Drink a cup of herbal tea.
3. Recite affirmations- try these or these
4. Light a soothing candle. 
5. Listen to your favorite song.
6. Do some light stretches. 
7. Use an essential oil. 
8. Wear your favorite outfit.
9. Think of three things you're grateful for. 
10. Take a bath.
11. Color for 30 minutes after school.
12. Call someone you love. 
13. Order your favorite food. 
14. Put on cozy clothes when you get home from school.
15. Write in your journal.
16. Try a face mask. 
17. Go for a walk.
18. Work on a puzzle.
19. Write down three good things that happened today.
20. Draw or paint without judging yourself.
21. Write an email or letter to a faraway friend.
22. Read a just-for-fun book curled up on the couch or in bed.
23. Buy yourself flowers- sunflowers are my favorite!
24. Bake or cook something special.
25. Garden or take care of your indoor plants.
26. Go to a yoga class.
27. Go to bed early-- or at least on time!
28. Meditate using an app or YouTube video.
29. Go on a bike ride. 
30. Buy yourself a present you can afford.
31. Spend time with a pet or volunteer with animals.
32. Look through an old photo book or scrapbook.
33. Knit or practice another hobby.
34. Get a manicure.
35. Get a massage.
36. Try acupuncture. 
37. Go see a movie.
38. Visit a museum or another interesting place.
39. See a therapist.
40. Take a mental health day.
Which of these have you tried? Are there any you commit to trying or doing more frequently? If you're looking for a monthly reminder to practice self care, check out my self care subscription box for teachers, Teacher Care Crate.

I had some help compiling this list! Numbers 7, 9, 12, 13, & 34 were contributed by my friend Allie of Miss Behavior-- she has her own post on self care here! Numbers 16 & 23 were contributed by Emily of The Mindful Educator-- check out more of her self care ideas here. Numbers 20, 29, & 31 are from Jessi of Cooties and Cuties, and number 36 is from Becca of The Teacher's Passport

Looking for more teacher wellness posts? Check out my Self Care Gift Guide for Teachers and 5 Self Care Quotes for Teachers!
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