6 Tips to Thrive Through the Fourth Quarter

Between testing, rising temps, and squirrelly children, the fourth quarter can get rough for us teachers. That's why I asked a few teacher-friends to share their best tips for thriving through the fourth quarter!

1. Plan it out! It can feel like you have a million things to accomplish before the end of the year, so take some time to sit down and really plan out what needs to be done. Make a master list of your major to-do's, like IEPs, progress reports, and testing. Just seeing it all written down rather than as a vague haze of worry can help you feel more grounded and focused.

2. Be sure to add in FUN activities for the last few weeks of school. The end of the year can be stressful on us teachers AND students, so boost up the positives! Some of my favorites are scrapbooks, school year timelines, guided drawing, and dream boards. {from Allie of Miss Behavior}

3. Take time to out of your busy schedule to enjoy your students. When the end of year testing and procedures can make you absolutely crazy, put all of that aside and enjoy the last moments you have together because you'll miss those little boogers once when they're gone! {From Jessi of Cuties and Cooties}

4. Fourth quarter is a great time to conduct student surveys! Give students an opportunity to reflect on what they've loved about class and what they might change given the chance. You'll get some great information to use over summer when you're ready to start planning, and you're sure to also get a few sweet notes to add to your happy file! Bonus tip: I really love using Google Forms for student surveys! If you have access to technology in the classroom, I highly recommend trying it out. {from Cindy of Where The Wild Students Are}

5. Take time everyday to write down at least one thing that went well. You could write it in a journal, planner, sticky note, or even just a note on your phone. {from Becca of The Teacher's Passport}

6. The end of the year can be so stressful with all of the last minute learning that you want to fit in AND assessment on top of assessment. Find some time to do a fun class reward each day or several days a week if your students earn it! Some of my favorites are "use smelly markers day," play a favorite group game, have a "bubble" party (I bring bubbles for the kids to use at recess), or wear a hat in the classroom. It's motivating for the kids and it helps you to relax and ENJOY your last few weeks with your students! {from Nicole of Firstie Favorites}

Which of these will you be implementing to help you thrive this quarter?

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