Make Your Own Moscow Mule Teacher Gift

I love putting together gifts for my coworkers! As a special education teacher, I work very closely with my students' general education teachers as well as the clinicians and other special education teachers on my team. I like to show them how much I appreciate all they do at the end of the year with a gift. After weeks loitering around the Target Dollar Spot and scouring Pinterest, I landed on these cute cocktails-in-a-jar! I was heavily inspired by this tutorial, but I put my own spin on it with the tags, which you can snag for free here!

Here's what you'll need: (contains affiliate links)

Be sure to buy mason jars with wide mouths so that all your ingredients will fit! I'd also go with the narrowest ginger beers you can find, for the same reason!

Once you've gathered your materials, take the lid off each jar and remove the metal circle from the lid. Replace just the rings of the lids. Put a small amount of shredded kraft paper at the bottom of each jar. Slide your mini vodka bottle in first, and then your ginger beer. If you can fit your lime in the jar, more power to you! Wasn't happening for mine, so I slipped them in the gift bags later. Wrap your baker's twine around the lid ring a few times and tie it in a bow. After printing and cutting out your tags, clip them onto the twine with the mini clothespins. You could also hole punch the tags-- I just couldn't resist the mini clothespins! 

I hand wrote quick directions to make a Moscow Mule on the back of each tag: 1. Pour ice into jar, 2. Pour in ginger beer & vodka, 3. Squeeze in lime, 4. Enjoy your Moscow Mule!

Let me know if you make one and tag me on instagram @thedesignerteacher. I'd love to see!
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