7 Healthy Lunches for Teachers

If the idea of making three healthy meals a day feels near impossible, you might want to try meal prepping! Taking an hour or two on Sunday to meal prep ensures that you have healthy lunches all week without any additional stress. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Sweet Potato Wraps with Pesto and Caramelized Onions
This recipe makes 8 wraps, which is great if you're prepping for a spouse too, or means you can throw a few in the freezer for later! 

2. Black Bean Bowls with Confetti Slaw
These are soooo good! When prepping for lunches, I keep the beans and everything else separate so that I can heat up the beans separately.

I hate touching raw meat, so I tend to buy pre-cooked chicken or throw some tofu in instead!

This is my very favorite salad! I switch out the "facon" for bacon, because #bacon, and I normally skip making my own dressing.

I ate so many of these last year! If you run out of pitas (#pitaproblems), you can always throw everything on top of greens for an equally tasty salad.

I think I'm just bad at ordering, but I actually like this lo mein better than any I get as take-out. You can eat this as lunch or dinner... so tasty!

Guess who skips the whole making-your-own-falafel thing and just buys frozen falafel from Trader Joe's? If you guessed me, you are correct.

A healthy and filling lunch can help you make it through those long afternoons without getting too hangry! You can find 5 more healthy recipes here.

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