11 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Teachers

Holidays are one of the best parts of being a teacher, am I right? You can celebrate to your heart's content and you have a captive audience. Halloween might be my favorite holiday to celebrate at school, minus the sugar rush. Here are 11 adorable options for your teacher costume this year!

1. Mrs. Frizzle
Mrs. Frizzle is the teacher we all aspire to be (or is that just me?), and with the new Magic School Bus coming out soon, it's particularly topical.

2. Olivia the Pig

This Olivia the Pig costume is so, so cute and instantly recognizable to any elementary schooler.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This Very Hungry Caterpillar costume idea will let you dress up as the classic book without waddling around in a caterpillar suit all day.

4. Hedwig the Owl

Oh hey, it's me! I dressed up as Hedwig last year by making a cape out of fleece and painting yellow eyes on a white hat. Bonus points for a Hogwarts letter tied to your ankle!

5. Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat is beloved by students and teachers everywhere for his groovy attitude and snazzy shoes. 

6. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

I couldn't leave out Chicka Chicka Boom Boom-- the classic kindergarten teacher costume!

7. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

This If You Give A Mouse A Cookie outfit looks pretty easy to put together-- just overalls, ears, and a posterboard cookie!

8. Madeline

My friend Alicia of Primary Scouts makes the cutest Madeline of all time, does she not?!

9. Box of Crayons

This box of crayons costumes goes beyond the typical conehead crayon outfit! That felted sweater looks like a lot of work, but it sure is cute. (And I WOULD totally wear it on non-Halloween days too)

10. Arthur

This Arthur costume is SO easy and fun! I would even add a library card as a prop.

11. Pencil

From the same creator of the crayon outfit comes the best pencil costume I have ever seen!!! Time to bust out the sewing machine!

Who are you going to be for Halloween this year? Even without a costume, you can add some fall festivity to your classroom with my Perseverance Pumpkins Bulletin Board Kit!

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