3 Subscription Services Reviewed By A Teacher

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge sucker for subscription services! Stitch Fix, Blue Apron, and Daily Harvest are three of my favorites-- and I've tried a lot!

1. Stitch Fix
The best part of Stitch Fix is that it's so FUN to get your "fix" in the mail! I seriously get so excited. So, the concept behind Stitch Fix is that you have a stylist that selects 5 articles of clothing for you according to the preferences you've expressed in the quiz on the site and any notes you leave for your stylist. When the fix arrives in the mail, you decide which ones you want to keep and mail back any you don't want (in a pre-paid envelope). If you keep all 5 pieces, you get 25% off, so often it's less expensive to keep all 5 rather than say, 4. You do pay a $20 styling fee up front, but that $20 is subtracted from your order. So basically, if you buy any item from your fix that's at least $20, the styling is free. AND if you use my referral code, you get $25 off your first fix, so it's basically zero risk. You can set it up to get a fix every month, but I certainly don't do that. I do it more like once a season. I think Stitch Fix can be especially great for teachers, because you can indicate to your stylist what style of dress is expected at your school and she'll deliver! 

Here's a fix I got late last winter and loved! From left to right, it included a long-sleeve navy boho dress, olive skinny jeans (which I definitely wore to work despite technically being jeans!), a quarter sleeve patterned blouse, a quarter sleeve striped top, and a olive green anorak style jacket. 

2. Blue Apron
I've been subscribed to Blue Apron for a few years now, and I love it! Each week (or whichever weeks you choose), they send you the recipes and ingredients for the number of meals you choose. I do the "family" plan every other week, so that we get two different meals that feed four people each. Even though my family is just my husband and I (and our pug!), the four meals allow us to eat the meal two nights in a row or bring the leftovers for lunch the next day. We do every other week so that we don't get burnt out on cooking. The meals aren't meant to be super quick-- some of them take up to an hour-- but they are a fun way to learn how to cook and motivate you to stop ordering takeout. The meals come out to around $8 a meal (as in, per person). So, while I wouldn't want to be paying that much per meal, every meal, it works out well for us for a couple of dinners a week. You can get your first delivery free if you leave your full name and email in the comments-- unfortunately I don't have a link for the free delivery, so I'll need to invite you manually from the Blue Apron site. You can also email me at sarahbforst@gmail.com if you prefer.

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3. Daily Harvest
Yes, this is the smoothie subscription service you've been seeing on your Facebook sidebar. I originally signed up with someone else's referral code to get three free smoothies, thinking I would just do it once. But they're so good I've become a semi-regular subscriber! The smoothies are NOT cheap, but as a special treat to keep in my freezer, they're great! I also get random sugar cravings, so these are a great substitute for a milkshake or ice cream. My favorite is the almond +  cold brew! The ingredients come in the cute little cups (I'm a sucker for nice packaging) and then you just pour the liquid of your choice in (I do milk because that's what we always have in the fridge, but you could do a milk substitute or coconut water), and then blend everything up for 30 seconds! You can get three free smoothies with your first order with my referral link here

Have you tried any of these subscription services? Please note that I'm not sponsored by any of these companies! I get the same thing you get if you order through one of my links-- $25 to Stitch Fix and three free smoothies from Daily Harvest when/if you order a full-priced box. 

Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my very own subscription service! I run a self care subscription box for teachers called Teacher Care Crate. You can learn all about it here

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