February Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

Wondering what you'll receive in this month's Teacher Care Crate? Watch the video above and read the description below to find out exactly what comes in February's crate! Subscribe at teachercarecrate.com by February 14 to receive this box!

Deep Detox Bath Soak: This soak is equal parts Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, and dried rose petals. Pour into a warm bath for detoxification and relaxation. {Retail Value: $5}

Organic Tinted Lip Balm: The lip balm included in February's crate is handmade by Serenity and Blossom. I love tinted lip balm for school because you don't have to worry about reapplying as you do with lipstick. {Retail Value: $3} 

Affirmation Pencils: I'm obsessed with these pencils designed by Becca of The Teacher's Passport! Each box includes three different color pencils with beautiful affirmations created by  Becca. {Retail Value: $3}

Quartz Pendant: Did you know quartz is believed to increase positivity, patience, and perseverance? It's the perfect stone for teachers! I'm so excited about these pendants-- I'm already wearing mine all the time! {Retail Value: $18}

Art Print: This month's professionally printed 5 x 7 print was designed by Jess of Ink Chicago. {Retail Value: $8}

Chocolate: The chocolate was a big hit in January, so I wanted to include a little treat this month as well. Each box includes an organic OCHO coconut chocolate. {Retail Value: $.75}

Take time for YOU this February with Teacher Care Crate

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