5 Easy & Affordable End of the Year Student Gifts

Each of these gifts can be picked up on your next Target run, and they all cost a dollar or less!
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1. Fun Erasers Sounds boring, but the Target Dollar Spot has sooo many cute options! I saw ice cream, dinosaurs, fish, and fruit the last time I was there. Tape them onto a coordinating card from my End of the Year Gift Tags Bundle with washi tape and you're set! 

2. Sunglasses These are a classic, but the kids still always get a kick out of them. You can find some quirky pairs at the Dollar Spot or you can buy them in bulk from Amazon here. Don't forget to attach a Sunglasses End of the Year Gift Tag!

3. Pencils Make sure your students are equipped to do their summer packet with a flashy pencil! The Dollar Spot has sharks, pineapples, flamingos, and more right now. All of the tags in my Gift Tags Bundle come with a circular pencil version. Just punch a hole at the top and bottom and slide the pencil through! You can also easily add your name since the tags are editable.

4. Light Necklaces These cute light up necklaces from Target are fun to wear and fun to use! The kids could even use the light to track words as they're reading. The ice cream necklaces go perfectly with my Ice Cream Gift Tags!

5. Goldfish Pair a snack-sized bag of goldfish with a punny Fish Gift Tag for an affordable gift. 

All the tags in my End of the Year Gift Tags Bundle come in three styles (large rectangle, small rectangle, and circle) with two different phrases. I've also included black and white versions in case you prefer to print on brightly colored paper.

Happy gifting, teacher-friends!

May Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

It's time to show you what comes in this month's Teacher Care Crate, my self care subscription box for teachers! Watch the unboxing video to see all the items, and read the descriptions below to find out more details, as well as each item's retail value.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub This scrub from Serenity Bath Shop is created with a blend of sugar, coconut oil, and green tea that's perfect for exfoliation. {Retail Value: $5.95}

Art Print One of my favorite teacher instagrammers, Rachel Frescino from Learning With Mrs. Fresh, designed this month's gorgeous art print. Each print is 5" x 7" and is professionally printed. {Retail Value: $8}

Dream Notes Each crate includes a pack of these dreamy circular sticky notes, either in teal or purple. Perfect for dressing up your planner or just leaving yourself a note! {Retail Value: $5.59}

Celestial Hair Ties Handmade by me, these pretty hair ties look as good on your wrist as on your hair. {Retail Value: $4}

Jade Roller You may have seen these pretty rollers on instagram! Gently roll the jade over your clean face (the larger side for your cheeks, jaw, and forehead, the smaller for under your eyes and around your mouth) to soothe your skin. You can also use your roller after applying a moisturizer or serum to help the product absorb. Store your jade roller in the fridge to make it even more refreshing! {Retail Value: $25}

Turmeric Latte This powdered version of "golden milk" is a mix of sweet and savory spices from Golden Root. It provides natural energy without caffeine, and is also known to reduce inflammation. {Retail Value: $1.65}

Breathe Decal Handmade by teacher-maker Jaime Hipwell of Little Miss and Company, this decal can be applied to a laptop phone, or basically any smooth surface! {Retail Value: $5}

Instructions are included with your decal, but you can check out Jaime's video directions as well:

With a retail value of $55, this month's Teacher Care Crate is the highest value crate yet! More importantly, it's full of items to make your day-to-day life more positive and peaceful. Commit to taking care of yourself first by subscribing to Teacher Care Crate, starting at $27.99/month with free shipping.

Using Study.com in the Classroom

This collaboration is brought to you by Study.com and is based on my unbiased experience using the site.

A coworker of mine once commented that it feels like we're now in a "post-curriculum" phase of education. Gone are the days when you'd be given a set of textbooks and a teacher's guide for every subject. And honestly, that's probably for the best. I have lots of dull memories of elementary school taking turns reading aloud from a textbook. But in many schools, including the schools I've worked at, nothing has replaced those curriculums. We're left as teachers to both teach and create lesson plans from nothing. We might have standards or mandates to guide us, but that can make things even more difficult! While there are tons of wonderful resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, it's great to have some other resources at your disposal as well.

Enter Study.com. This site has hundreds of courses designed for classroom use, ranging from Pre-K to post-graduate! Each lesson within a course has an article and a quiz, and many include videos as well. There are sooo many courses and lessons available on Study.com, so I want to zoom in a little bit and show how you could use a given course and lesson.

Science and Social Studies are so important, but they often fall to the wayside to the oft-tested and tracked Reading and Math. I know my co-teacher and I last year were always frantically trying to figure out what and how to teach each week! 

Instead of having to search for resources each week, you could use a course from Study.com, like Biology for Kids. This course has 360 lessons, far more than you'd ever need in one school year! If you have access to technology, you can actually have the students read the articles, watch the videos, and take the quizzes all on their chromebook/tablet/etc. And then from your teacher dashboard, you can track their progress and see their grades, all without any paper or prepping involved! However, you can also use the resources provided without any student technology. You can print the articles and quizzes, and show the videos using your projector. 

Here's a quick video to see how another teacher uses Study.com in her classroom:

In addition to classroom resources, Study.com also offers study resources for teachers! You can study and take practice tests for the Praxis, TExESFTCEand more to help you earn, maintain, or expand on your teacher certifications.

You can try out Study.com for free with their 5-day trial period. Let me know what you think!
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