You're a passionate special education teacher and you'll do anything for your kids, from modifying assignments to teaching them how to blow their noses. But between lesson plans, progress monitoring, IEPs, FBAs, and a million other acronyms, you've got A LOT on your plate. No one can do it all, and you shouldn't have to. That's where I come in.

I'm Sarah Forst, The Designer Teacher, and I empower passionate special education teachers to feel more peaceful & purposeful by providing systematic reading resources designed with struggling learners in mind. 

I'm an former elementary special education teacher with a degree in design. I've combined my expertise in design with my experiences working with special learners to create resources that are clear and accessible to all.

Ready to get started with explicit phonics instruction without the hassle? Check out Phonics by Design: The Complete Curriculum or download a NO PREP freebie here!

What else is there to know?

Well, I'm a Chicago-transplant originally haling from the East Coast... and I have the Type A personality to prove it. I got my degree in Interdisciplinary Object Design back in Maryland, but moved to Chicago to join an alternative certification program for special education. I've always taught at very diverse, Title I schools, and I'm passionate about social justice.

I try to lead a balanced life and have a lot of hobbies in addition to teaching and my small business! I love arts & crafts of all kinds, from scrapbooking to knitting. I'm also an avid reader-- magical realism is my favorite! Oh-- and I have a husband, two dogs, and a lot of house plants too!


  1. I absolutely love your "Teachers believe black lives matter" t-shirts. I work at a school where 99% of our students are African American. Is there any way to order a t-shirt? It looks like I've missed both of the campaigns!

    1. Yes! I'm actually on my sixth one! This one is open for two more days: https://www.booster.com/teachersbelieveblacklivesmatter

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