October 2019 Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

Watch the video above or on Facebook to find out exactly what comes in the October Teacher Care Crate, and read below for more details about each item.

Art Print: This month’s 5” x 7” art print was designed by Tiff in the Middle and comes sleeved in a biodegradable eco bag. {Retail Value: $8}

Infinity Scarf: This cozy plaid scarf is perfect for visiting a pumpkin patch! {Retail Value: $15}

Body Butter: Handmade by Blue Oak Farm, your pumpkin spice body butter smells and feels delicious! {Retail Value: $6}

Dead Sea Mud Mask: This dead sea mud mask from With Simplicity can be applied to your face, body, or hair. {Retail Value: $3}

Barrettes: Each crate comes with two stylish tortoiseshell-style barrettes. {Retail Value: $5}

Mirror: This little mirror stands up on its own and is perfect for keeping in your desk for last minute hair or teeth checks. {Retail Value: $5}

Activity Book: I put together this teachers love fall activity book to be a fun and relaxing activity for after school or any time you need a break. {Retail Value: $5}

Pumpkin Spice RXBAR: This limited edition pumpkin spice RXBAR is the perfect seasonal snack! {Retail Value: $3}

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