July 2019 Teacher Care Crate Unboxing

Watch the video above to find out exactly what comes in the July 2019 Teacher Care Crate (sunshine theme!) and read below for more details. Be sure to subscribe by July 14th at teachercarecrate.com to get this month’s Sunshine Teacher Care Crate!

Art Print: I designed this month’s 5 x 7 art print, which is made up illustrations of things that make a teacher’s heart happy! {Retail Value: $8}

Canvas Pouch: This teach & “bee” happy canvas pouch is perfect for storing flair pens or self care items in your desk. {Retail Value: $15}

Face Mask: This turmeric + coconut calming face mask mix from Schmear Naturals makes 3-4 masks and contains colloidal oat, coconut milk, coconut oil, turmeric, honey, organic aloe vera, and organic camomile. (Retail Value: $5.50}

Scrunchie: Dress up your ponytail or messy bun with this super cute yellow polka dot scrunchie. {Retail Value: $6}

Essential Oil Serum: The WAKE roller ball blend from The Hippie Homesteader contains grapefruit, ginger, frankincense, and orange essential oils, blended with coconut and avocado oils. {Retail Value: $12}

Metal Straw: This metal straw is a more environmental alternative to the plastic straws many of us use, especially in the summer time! {Retail Value: $3}

Iced Tea: The mango black iced tea pack from Story of My Tea makes a whole quart of iced tea! {Retail Value: $4}

Subscribe by July 14th at teachercarecrate.com to receive the July 2019 crate as your first box!

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